NADAtech Ships MEMS Wafer Inspection Solution To Customers

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NADA Technologies Inc. (NADAtech), an Austin-based automation solutions provider that develops and manufactures wafer inspection systems for the semiconductor wafer and device industries, has shipped its third generation IRIx MEMS wafer inspection system.

IRIx is a macro wafer inspection technology that inspects for post bond or post saw MEMS wafer defects using 1X IR technologies. This latest version utilizes NADAtech’s recently released FLEX platform to support dedicated FLEX modules for 150mm IR, 200mm IR and Hologenix dimple inspection.

“This shipment highlights five years of development ending with the modularization of our IRIx technologies into our new FLEX platform,” said Tim Ewald, CEO of NADAtech. “Including the Hologenix dimple module shows off exactly what we are good at… tailored and highly integrated solutions.”

NADAtech is engaged with almost every semiconductor manufacturer in the world, and has sales and technical representatives located in each global region. The NADAtech team has installed hundreds of new sorter and inspection systems, and can also service/refurbish existing systems that clients already have in-house.

NADAtech was founded on the principal that service is not a technology, rather it is a commitment to our customers. NADAtech has proven yet again that they create the best solutions for their customers’ needs.

About NADAtech

Founded in 2002, NADAtech provides sorting equipment solutions that help silicon, semiconductor, MEMS and LED manufacturers increase productivity, improve yields, and rapidly regain investments for meeting the competitive dynamics of their markets. We design and build our products using proven OEM components as the basis of our tailored solutions. For more information visit: