Versatile Equipment Front End Modules

EFEM Equipment front end module

2 Port EFEM


Announcing the newest industry standard interface for your process, inspection or metrology requirements. Over the last 18 years NADAtech has applied its experience and expertise for OEMs by producing specialized Equipment Front End Modules that the larger “cookie cutter” EFEM suppliers cannot and will not supply. EFEM Systems are built from our long standing T Series platforms and come with the same attention to detail that you expect from the world's leading tailored wafer automation solutions provider.

  • 2 port / 3 port / 4 port versions
  • Ports available for grouped wafer sizes
    • 100mm, 125mm, 150mm open cassette
    • 150mm and 200mm open cassette
    • 200mm SMIF
    • 200mm open cassette / 200mm SMIF via adapter plate
    • 300mm FOUP / FOSB
    • 300mm FOUP / FOSB / 200mm open cassette via adapter plate
  • Ports can be mixed and matched, ie. P1 = 300/200  P2 = OC 150
  • Same ultra-reliable robotics as our T Series 300mm wafer sorter
  • Same ultra-reliable software interface that has moved 100’s of millions of wafers safely world wide
  • Open cassette systems use NADAtech’s integrated SUREscan wafer mapping system
  • Robot / aligner / OCR operated via single wire ethernet interface
  • All IO handled via PLC node over ethernet IP or NADAtech’s ultra easy IO interface
  • Custom painting schemes available
EFEM System