T Series

200mm Bridge and 300mm Wafer Sorters

200mm Bridge and 300mm Wafer Sorters

2 Port

200mm Bridge and 300mm Wafer Sorters FOUP/FOSB Compatible

3 Port

200mm Bridge and 300mm Wafer Sorters

4 Port

NADAtech T Series 300mm wafer sorters are FOUP/FOSB carrier compatible for fully integrated or port specific 150mm/200mm/300mm bridge configurations. All systems use the best available industry standard robots, loadports, aligners and OCR for highest system reliability. Available options include BOLTS compliant open cassette adapters to allow 150mm and 200mm open cassette carriers, and auto detect adapters for seamless 200mm OC to 300mm FOUP detection. Our T Series product line offers the smallest 300mm two port footprint available in the industry with Sub Class 1 environment particle performance.

  • 2 to 8 station with inline and back to back configurations available
  • NADAtech's GEM 300 sorting package for fully automated 300mm fabs
  • Industry standard dual yaw trackless robotics
  • Industry standard 300mm loadports
  • Integrated RFID and E84 OHT delivery options
  • 150mm / 200mm / 300mm vacuum backside or edge aligners
  • UPS power backup +vacuum reservoir
  • All Sorter+ Options are available on this system