S Series

200mm SMIF Wafer Sorters

smif wafer sorters


smif wafer sorters

s34 SMIF Upgradable

smif wafer sorters


NADAtech SMIF wafer sorters for 150mm and 200mm provide industry standard SMIF ports for Sub Class 1 environment particle performance. All models include industry standard robotic components for longest term reliability and support-ability, NADAtech’s RBuilder recipe development tool, and SUREscan thrubeam carrier scanning for perfect wafer mapping.

  • 2 to 4 station configurations available
  • 325wph OCR / 800wph transfer
  • Industry standard OEM robotics
  • Automation capable with SECSII / GEM / HSMS
  • Vacuum backside or edge handling
  • UPS power backup + vacuum reservoir
  • Speak with a rep about available Sorter+ Options