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NADA Tech Supplier Excellence AwardNADA Technologies, LLC (NADAtech) was founded on the principal that service is not a technology — it is a commitment to our customers. We prove that every day by providing the performance and value you demand. It's why we were awarded with the Supplier Excellence Award from one of our valuable customers.

NADAtech understands the challenges that our customers face and we create the best equipment and personalized solutions for your manufacturing requirements. Having served nearly every major semiconductor and silicon manufacturer in the world market, our experience building wafer sorters is unmatched.

Founded in 2002, NADAtech provides sorting equipment solutions that help silicon, semiconductor, MEMS and LED manufacturers increase productivity, improve yields, and rapidly regain investments for meeting the competitive dynamics of their markets. We design and build our products using proven OEM components as the basis of our tailored solutions and our hardware and software are seamlessly integrated.

With a  wealth of combined experience in the development and deployment of industry approved sorting solutions, NADAtech is simply a new name for industry veterans doing the job they have always loved - building and supporting wafer sorters. We deliver solutions, not problems. The founders were responsible for the first fully automated stand-alone sorter in 1990 and our team continues to break new ground with sorting systems that push performance boundaries. Our first customers are still our customers today.

Manufacturing draws on the competencies of its supply-chain partners and strategic partnerships. You may find other wafer sorters on the market, but you will not find the level of customization, service and support that NADAtech provides. We are proud of the products we build and are positive that you will enjoy increased productivity and a positive ROI when you add them to your production floor.

NADAtech is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Our U.S. operations serve the global semiconductor/silicon wafer fabrication market with wafer sorters, service support, parts, and software.

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