Services to Give Your Equipment Extra Life

Repairs, Refurbishing and Upgrades

isel robotik services available
Services for Asyst Technologies Equipment
PRI Automation Services available

NADAtech partners with industry leaders and provides services to keep your equipment running in top shape. As a certified service partner, we are able to service all of your robotics, aligners, and controllers.

ISEL Robotik

Services for ISEL include robotics repair and refurbishment

  • Certified service partner
  • Full service and repair center for robotics and aligners
  • RTZ repeatability performance testing

Asyst Technologies

Legacy Support and Upgrades for PST / Asyst Systems

  • System evaluation for upgrade options
  • Wide range of options available

PRI Automation

Legacy Support for Equipe / PRI including robotics repair and refurbishment

  • Repair and full refurbishment on robotics, aligners, and controllers
  • RTZ repeatability performance testing