Wafer Sorter Systems

Automated Handling Solutions Tailored for Your Application

We refrain from using the word "customized" but this is one of the many things NADAtech is known for... tailored wafer sorter solutions based off standard system platforms. All of our systems are configured exactly the way you need them for optimal performance on your production floor.

NADAtech’s versatile sorters are capable of handling mixed carrier types including Open Cassette / Open Carrier, SMIF, and FOUP; materials including standard Si, GaAs, SiC, Sapphire, GaN, glass, eWLB, and warped or thin wafers; sizes ranging from 25mm to 300mm; and many different  thicknesses. Additionally, we offer a wide range of End Effector designs utilizing PEEK, Teflon, Ceramic, and Carbon Fiber. Select from our Sorter+ Inspection and Metrology Options for a highly tailored solution.

Wafer Automation Solutions

Tailored Options Available for all Major Semi Related Industries

N Series Open Cassette wafer handling robot

N Series

50-200mm Open Cassette Wafer Sorters

The Open Cassette N Series is perfect for when you need a small footprint and fast speeds. Concurrent wafer size options are available with 2 to 6 stations for better queuing and larger splits.

S Series SMIF Sorter with wafer end effector

S Series

200mm SMIF Wafer Sorters

SMIF sorters come with industry standard OEM robotics capable of 325wph OCR and 800wph transfer. 2 to 4 station configurations are available with vacuum backside or edge handling options.

T Series 300mm wafer handling robot

T Series

Bridge and 300mm Wafer Sorters

NADAtech T Series 300mm sorters are FOUP/FOSB carrier compatible for fully integrated or port specific 150mm/200mm/300mm bridge configurations. Available with 2 to 8 stations with inline and back to back configurations.

End Effectors, Inspection & Metrology Solutions

Sorter+ Options

Inspection and Metrology Solutions

Sorter+ Options extend the functionality of your system. Find and measure defects on wafer surfaces and edges using a variety of specially designed applications without adding extra equipment to your production floor.

Thin Wafer and MEMS Bond Room Solutions

Robust and Flexible Solutions for Difficult Wafer Handling Requirements

Modular Thin Wafer Solutions

Thin Wafer Solutions

Our specially designed line of robot end-effectors and wafer alignment technologies are perfect for handling thin and delicate wafers as well as highly warped yet rigid eWLB wafers.

IRIx MEMS Bond Room Solutions

MEMS Bond Room Solutions

NADAtech has developed award-winning inspection and metrology solutions for bonded wafers, with many innovations evolving into game changing technologies for our clients.