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Tailored Wafer Sorter Solutions from Existing Platforms

We refrain from using the word "customized" but this is one of the many things NADAtech is known for... tailored systems based off standard system platforms. All of our systems are configured exactly the way you need it for optimal performance on your production floor.

NADAtech’s wafer sorters are capable of handling mixed carrier types including Open Cassette (also known as Open Carrier), SMIF, and FOUP; wafer materials including standard Si, GaAs, SiC, Sapphire, GaN, glass, eWLB, highly thinned and warped materials; wafer sizes ranging from 25mm – 300mm; and many different  thicknesses. Additionally, we offer a wide range of End Effector designs utilizing PEEK, Teflon, Ceramic, and Carbon Fiber. Select from our Sorter+ Inspection and Metrology Options for a highly tailored solution.

Thin Wafer and MEMS Bond Room Solutions

Robust and Flexible Solutions for Difficult Wafer Handling Requirements