NADAtech t4A tSeries 300mm Sorters


  • 300mm FOUP/FOSB carrier compatible·2 / 3 port inline or 4 / 6 port back to back
  • Industry standard SANKYO trackless dual yaw OEM robotics
  • Industry standard Sinfonia/TDK 300mm ports
  • optional BOLTS compliant open cassette adapters to allow 150mm and 200mm open cassette carriers
  • optional auto detect adapters for seamless 150mm/200mm OC to 300mm FOUP detection
  • Integrated RFID and E84 OHT delivery options
  • Sub class 1 particle performance
  • Smallest 300mm two port footprint available
  • Automation capable with SECSII/GEM/HSMS/GEM300
  • GUI based tools for easy recipe development
  • UPS power backup +vacuum reservoir.