Automated Optical Inspection

automated optical inspection module

EPI Volcanoes

AOI Module

Visible Defects

Extend the functionality of your system with NADAtech’s Automated Optical Inspection module. The AOI module was created to help identify common visible macro defects without the use of golden images while adding minimal time to the inspection process.

  • 150mm / 200mm / 300mm dual brightfield / darkfield wafer inspection
  • INLINE inspection for wafer sorters
  • 1x inspection for both macro and dust defects
  • Completely integrated operation with standard ASCII and SECS / GEM reporting shows defect size and location
  • Broad spectrum OMNI color LED lighting + grazing dark field LED
  • Dome reflector used for omni-directional illumination
  • 15mpixel color CMOS imaging camera and coaxial light port
  • Excellent for 3D type defects such as EPI “volcanoes”
  • Image stack post processing shows “repeaters” and defect clustering