N Series

50mm to 200mm Open Carrier Wafer Sorters




The N Series Open Cassette Wafer Sorter is perfect for 50mm through 200mm wafer sizes when you need a small footprint and fast speeds. All models include industry standard robotic components for longest term reliability and support-ability, NADAtech’s RBuilder recipe development tool and SUREscan thrubeam carrier scanning for perfect wafer mapping. Each system is tailored to your specific needs by adding preferred Sorter+ options.

  • 2-6 station for better queuing and larger on tool splits
  • 350wph OCR / 800wph transfer
  • Dual paddle buffering for same carrier sorting
  • Many concurrent wafer size options available
  • Top features include NADAtech’s RBuilder recipe development tool
  • Perfect wafer mapping using SUREscan thrubeam carrier scanning
  • All sorter+ options can be added on this tool
  • Smallest 4 station single level footprint available in industry, with smaller 2 station footprint available for tight fab spacing