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NADAtech announces shipment of a follow on system that is critical to process automation for a USA based IDM. The work cell includes high capacity stocking, metrology and sorting in an EFEM package.

According to Tim Ewald, President and CEO, “I’m continually amazed by the talents of our team here. The range of systems that ship off the docks at times can be staggering. And I guess if i were to pick one of the most WOW ones, these tools would be in top 3 for sure. Very nice to see our efforts rewarded with follow on orders.”

NADA Technologies, Inc. was founded on the principal that service is not a technology. It is a commitment to your customers. Today, we prove that by providing the performance and value you demand. NADATech provides sorting equipment solutions that help silicon, semiconductor, MEMS and LED manufacturers increase productivity, improve yields, and rapidly regain investments for meeting the competitive dynamics of their markets.