NADAtech Moves into New Facility

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NADA Technologies, Inc. is at the forefront of supplying global semiconductor manufacturers with tools required to produce chips used in a wide variety of consumer goods including electronics, appliances, automobiles, and more. Due to recent shortages and supply chain issues, the US Congress has passed legislation that will infuse $52 billion into the industry to help meet current and future demand.

After being named tool of record for a major IDM, NADAtech has upgraded their facilities to help meet the growing demand of their customers to satisfy their delivery requirements. The new space is 4x larger and will allow NADAtech the extra capacity needed to fulfill a substantial multi-year order for a major client expansion.

Tim Ewald, CEO of NADAtech, says “The move is complete! Our entire team loves the new facility! We now have the space for more efficient production that can grow with us. Everyone is also super excited about our new customer service area that includes a demo lab to showcase new products. And to support our growth, our suppliers are ready and all extremely enthusiastic. Capacity demands are back and we are here to fully support.”

NADA Technologies, Inc. was founded on the principal that service is not a technology. It is a commitment to your customers. Today, we prove that by providing the performance and value you demand. NADAtech provides automated sorting equipment solutions that help silicon, semiconductor, MEMS and LED manufacturers increase productivity, improve yields, and rapidly regain investments for meeting the competitive dynamics of their markets.