NADAtech Delivers its First Dual Wafer Size Edge Inspection and Sorting System

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NADAtech, a leading wafer sorter provider for the global semiconductor wafer automation market, today announced a new addition to their Sorter+ line of wafer sorters. Utilizing industry standard OEM robotics and optional integrated metrology and inspection devices, the n47+CCx2 features a 150mm / 200mm four-stage footprint and ability to sort and edge inspect dual wafer sizes concurrently.

With industry leading performance and reliability, the n47+CCx2 is able to concurrently edge inspect 150mm and 200mm wafers, while functioning as a standard wafer sorting platform with minimal throughput hit for edge inspections.

The n47+CCx2, an addition to the family of nSeries OC Sorters, also offers the following features:

· Superior integrated edge inspection device based NADAtech’s ChipChecker technology.

· Simple recipe development through GUI-based RBuilder™.

· Effortless automation capability with SECII/GEM/HSMS.

“The n47+CCx2 sorter is another example of our technology expertise and the ability to address customer needs in a fast, yet simple and reliable fashion,” said Charles Reed, vice president and director of engineering, NADAtech. “This addition also applies to other concurrent wafer size systems which notably include our 200 300 bridge platforms.”

Systems are available immediately. Please contact our sales team for further information.

· See the images of the tools.

About NADAtech

Nada Technologies Inc. (NADAtech) is committed to being a key wafer automation, inspection and metrology provider for the global semiconductor market through the integration of industry-proven component technologies while focusing on cultivating intimate relationships with customers.